5 element psychology and bodywork. Integrate constitutional diagnosis and treatment into your life and practice

Five weekend seminars within the course of one year, working with the healing power of the seasons.

You can take this training on line, adjusted to your level and needs.

5 element psychology

The healing power of the seasons. Every season affects our outer and inner world in profound ways, activating processes that touch every individual differently. Becoming aware of these processes and their emotional-mental-spiritual dimensions is an ongoing healing journey where health, life, and human development meet.


Spring is freeing the flow of life, removing pain and stagnation, promoting growth and development. Transforming anger into forgiveness and compassion. Aligning  our dreams and visions with the optimizing life force.                          Neck release acupressure treatment to relax and open the liver and gall bladder meridians.


Summer is the time of expression and discharge. Time to transform empty excitement into joyous love and free our heart and our relationships. Develop your communication skills and learn bodywork and meditation to open the heart.


Late summer is the time of body-mind nourishment. Sympathy and worry transforms into positive thought. Not knowing, innocense and curiosity are a cure for dogmatic thinking. Learn a special diet to heal obesity and develop the sense of taste, and bodywork to connect body and mind.


Autumn is the time of letting go. Grief transforms into gratitude. The lungs and colon are the organs that aid inspiration, embodiment, meditation. We will work with breathing and more ways to clean the body.


Winter is time of storage. Through the preservation of life, fear transforms into the wisdom of the survival instinct. Become familiar with willpower in Taoist alchemy. Bodywork and warming on the back.

The first day is an inquiry into how each season affects us, becoming aware of inner processes and familiar with the corresponding constitution and emotion. What are our own personal issues with storage, growth, relating, integration or letting go?

By living with the seasons we get to intimately know the corresponding constitution, function, dominant emotion and spirit. By addressing the constitution at the correct level we are restoring these natural processes. This initiates a whole wheel of trans-formations and changes.

The second day we will be practicing acupressure sequences appropriate for each season. These are the most widely applied treatments and can be safely used for everyone. We will also be looking at diet, exercise, meditation and other practices that can be useful in self and other healing.

Price per weekend €200.00.

Register for all 5 weekends €800.00

For the same price of €800.00 per year, a group of students can work together with 5 online weekends and adjusted instructions. I don’t think one person can do the exercises and bodywork on their own. If you don’t have a group to practice with and cannot come to the weekends contact me to design a self-study program that suits you.