Holistic approach individuals versus holistic approach to illness

5 Element Constitutional treatment focuses on the person and their optimal functionality. Symptoms are pointers to the persons deeper needs. Re moving the symptom does not answer these needs. By re balancing the persons constitution or unique balance patterns, health issues van be dealt permanently. At the same time patients are empowered to take their health in their own hands and make the necessary changes. This kind of treatment is a great support for people to develop and regulate their lives on the level of the body, the emotions, the mind, or the spirit.

I graduated from the college of 5 element Acupuncture in 1984, and went to work at the Waterloo Acupuncture Center. Our clients were mostly busy city people and their complaints were similar to what we later called burnout. They found that not only their overall health improved, also qualities and talents of them that were earlier dormant would come to action.