5 Element-Constitutional Acupuncture

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Welcome to PanTCM Acupuncture practice for traditional Chinese medicine by Katerina Panagiotopoulou. With over 35 years of experience and a broad background in traditional Chinese medicine, I help people back to good health and vitality. I am a registered member of Zhong, Dutch Association for traditional Chinese medicine.

5 Element Acupuncture, focused on the treatment of the whole person is also called Constitutional acupuncture. Unlike the symptomatic approach 5 Element Acupuncture solves the root cause of the problem and restores the good functioning of body-mind-spirit. 

As a result the overall condition of the person improves, there is an increase in energy, vitality and quality of life. This style of acupuncture supports self development and is very effective for the treatment of chronic conditions.

Where can acupuncture help?

Chronic conditions and complaints, such as allergies, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue, intestinal problems, various forms of pain, gout, high or low blood pressure, skin diseases, lung complaints, upset stomach, migraine and rheumatism.

Psychological symptoms like depression, panic attacks and anxiety.

Gynecological complaints such as menstrual and menopausal problems

Stress, exhaustion and Burnout.

Recovery after surgery or injury

Reducing or eliminating pain 

Reducing the side effect of drugs

Acupuncture works to prevent dis-ease.

Often long before a disease comes out, it shows some subtler signs of not quite efficient functioning. Therefore acupuncture helps people who have no clear symptoms, but who are physically, emotionally, or mentally not quite well. In this way, acupuncture works in a preventative way.